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Introducing the SpiderPlow from PJ Hirons

The fastest and most efficient way to install cables or pipes.

  • Trenches, installs and back-fills - all in one operation

  • Low environmental impact due to minimal disturbance to ground

  • Efficient reinstatement of land

  • Faster hand-back of site than conventional open cut methods of service laying

  • Installs to a depth of 2.5 metres

  • Unique guidance system assures accuracy and consistency

  • Easily copes with uneven terrain and obstacles

  • The only machine of its kind in the UK

What is SpiderPlow

Quite simply, SpiderPlow is the most efficient, environmentally friendly and effective way of installing pipes and cables below ground.

At a time when traditional open-cut methods of service laying are coming under increased scrutiny because of environmental and ground reinstatement issues, the SpiderPlow’s efficient and low-impact method means that any complications when restoring and subsequently handing back land are dramatically reduced.

This aspect of the SpiderPlow’s operation is particularly significant when working in areas of outstanding natural beauty such as National Parks, SSSIs, SACs, or areas which are particularly sensitive to ecological and environmental issues. Consequently, it provides designers and specifiers an opportunity to soften the impact of schemes when route planning.

Because Spiderplow causes minimal disruption to the ground’s geological structure, it offers a significant reduction in time, money and risk for the client and contractor. It also operates very effectively on soft ground and marshland, has the ability to work on almost any terrain and manoeuvre around most obstacles.

Added to this, as it cuts, installs and back-fills - all in one operation - the SpiderPlow’s method eliminates any risk of trench-collapse and associated health and safety concerns. It also provides a huge increase in productivity over and above traditional ways of working.

PJ Hirons is currently the only company operating a SpiderPlow in the UK.

How it works

The SpiderPlow system consists of two units: A specially designed, all-terrain mobile winch and the SpiderPlow pipe and cable installation machine.

Before work begins, the high-power winch is driven to an area about ahead of the SpiderPlow on the route of installation. It then secures itself into the ground using its hydraulic anchor blade – or in the case of areas of hard-standing, it can grip by using just its tracks.

A heavy-duty cable is then fixed to the front of the SpiderPlow and, at the installation starting point, a hole is dug to the required depth. The cable or, in this case a 305mm diameter HDPE pipe, is then fed into the channel ready to be pulled-in. When it comes to smaller cables and pipes, these can be carried on drums by the extended arms of the SpiderPlow.

After dropping its installation blade into the ground, the SpiderPlow is pulled forward by the winch. As it moves, the pipes or cables are fed through the blade and out of its tip, using the machine’s unique guidance system.

Capable of operating at a depth of up to 2.5 metres, the installation blade neatly displaces the soil, cutting a narrow aperture and creating the apparatus channel in which the pipes or cables are laid.

In one continuous operation, the machine then back-fills the opening as it travels and, because it causes minimal disturbance to the soil, only a small amount of reinstatement is required. Its almost automatic closure process means it does not take long for land to return to its original and natural state.

With only a narrow cut into the ground, unlike excavation of trenches, The SpiderPlow causes no structural changes to the geological formation of the earth. Therefore, the top-soil remains at the top – a real plus point when working in areas of fertile land.

Also, because it is pulled along by the independent power-winch, the SpiderPlow’s wheels are not driven and therefore there is less likely-hood of the ground surface being torn up as its tyres try to find grip. And on softer surfaces skids can be fitted.

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