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P J Hirons Ltd has both the experience and equipment necessary to ensure Trenching Projects are completed efficiently and accurately.

We can create trench widths ranging from 125mm - 950mm wide and a depth of 2.8m

Our equipment includes:

  • Wheeled trencher for utilities in the verge and on roads

  • Tracked trencher for cross country contracts with side conveyor

  • Tractor and sand cart for placing sand in the trench around the pipe/cable

  • All our operatives hold the CSCS Card in Trenching.

The Trenching and Cable Ploughing services we are able to provide allow a one pass solution to cable laying in renewable energy projects. This method of burying combinations of HV, LV, earthing and Fibre optic cables is possible because we have developed a box that sits behind the trencher/plough that can configure cables and deliver them at different depths into the ground. Reducing the number of trenches required and machines tracking up and down the work area keeps the ground in the best possible condition.

The development of the cable box gives us high productivity rates, this depends of the ground and weather conditions. In our Cable Plough Video on the wind turbine site we laid 500mtrs of cables in one day, we achieved a similar rate in the Trenching Video in a trench 600mm wide and 1.2m deep.

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Cable Ploughing and
Trenching Contractors